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We want to remember the good times with family and friends who are no longer with us.

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--Raymond Chere (2011)
--Anne Farrel (2007)
--Dave Flagg
--Robert Keith George (6/6/2011)
--Pat Grissom (1997)
Died from esophogeal cancer. Sadly missed by sister Sue;, esp. his daughter, Katrina,... family and friends.
--Ray McArthur
--Robbie Phillips (December of 2010)
--Billy Ryan
--Lorenzo Scott (May .26, 2001)
That is my brother. I miss him. R.I.P Lorenzo a.k.a Turk.
--Donald Taulbee (12-10-2010)
Dear father of Jessie, Jestine and Levi. Dear grandfather of Payton and Gage.
--Kyle Thornton (2006)
He was a great friend to everyone, but never felt he had any. He is a great loss.
--David Wedehorn (1968)
died in the Tet offensive

--Melba Watson (2008)
Meb. Pnuemonia. Beloved.

--Dave Carey (2011)

--Barbara Gotham Adamson
--Clark Andridge
--William Carnahan
--Sharon Cleal
--Mike Coe
--Terry Collis
--Barbara Counts
--Thomas Craig
--William Crossett
--John Downing
--Marilyn Glowacke
--Lois Hall
--Nancy Hanley
--George Ray Havermahl (2004)
--Joyce Hess
--Zoe Hess
--Larry Hughes
--Phyllis Jaffrey
--Ronald Johnson
--Jack McCann
--John Narrin
--Alberta Neighbors
--Mike Netschke
--Wendell Powers
--Colleen Prentice
--Stanley Ramsey
--Richard Schweier
--Peggy Smith
--Walter Stoddard
--Theo Swift
--Jerry Traut
--Thomas Ward
--Judy Warwick
--Judy Wilkins
--Charles Wilson

--Dolores Wood (2008)
Beautiful Dorby. Died of cancer. Very much missed.

--Michael Crawford (January 2013)
--John Parvu (3/19/83)
--Arnold Smith (2001)
Died in boating accident trying to save his son
--Betty Swan (2008)
She will always be missed! Very loving and caring person.
--Menden (Bump) Wescott Jr. (2/14/2011)
He left this world early Valentines Day to spend with his wife of 48 years in heaven. He touched a lot of lives

--Jack Dunckley (March 16, 2010)
Dr.Jack R. Dunckley is sadly missed by all who knew him. He was always the one to make you laugh.Leaving behind two daughters, a brother , a niece and nephew and seven grand children. R.I.P. my good man.
--Rame Nelson (July 2007)
--Carrie Willems (2010)
Carrie was our exchange student from the Netherlands.

--Orville D Banks (2011)
died of prostate cancer
--Michael Greenlee (2012)
Died of multiple myeloma in Houston, Texas. Also a grad of Michigan Tech.
--Charles Hilyard (1985)

1963 Student
--Dianne Deyo (2009)
Married to classmate Jim Hughes. Died of pancreatic cancer.

--Ed Reichardt (1980)
Ed was my brother - a super great guy. Left this world way too early.
--Denny Scherer (April, 2009)

--Dennis Atwell (2005)
Passed after attending his first reunion in 2005.
--Dan Carey (Nov 2, 2006)
Danny passed on in Mims, Florida at age 60 ... :(
--Dan Chowen (80's)
A wonderful musician and friend
--Sandra Crabtree (unknown)
Died as a result of hospitalization - contracted pneumonia.
--Kathy Dagenais (2009)
--Lou Ann De Young (unknown)
--Lynda Dunckley (10/18/2002)
Vehicle accident. She was a great contributor to the reunion committee & was super popular in school. Great personality. She has been sorely missed.
--Greg Evans (late 60's)
died in viet nam very good friend. had so much fun in school with him still think of him often
--Ruth Ann Farnstrom
Married to Garnett Withrow
--Myra Herrod
Kay Whitt
--Evelyn McCall
--Brenda McDole
Married to Rick Smith
--Vivi Ann Mettala (4/26/05)
Pancreatic Cancer
--Dolly Stoicu
--Donna Vickery
--Garnet Withrow (2012)
Wonderful husband, father, grandfather and Viet Nam Veteran. A salute to a hero.
--Donna Woodward (12/8/08)
Good friend. She has been missed.
--Bettie Lou York
Bestest buddy in school.

1965 Student
--Paulette Hunt (2004)
Married to Juan Gonzalez

--Cynthia Anderson (?)
one fine girl
--Luke Beaupre (?)
--James Beckham (1997?)
--Russell Bettes (?)
--Pamela Birchard (?)
--Edward Budd (?)
--Carol Buddenborg (June, 2009)
Carol will be missed dearly. Passed away waiting for a donor for kidney.
--Dewey Faust (2005)
Dewey was good people. He passed on in Pontiac, MI approx., Thanksgiving...
--Judy Granlund (?)
--George Guay (2010)
--Russell Heliker (5/7/68)
Killed in Vietnam
--Chuck Henley (July 15, 1968)
Killed in action (Vietnam) at age 20 by a hostile land mine.
--Linda Herron (2010)
--Virginia (Gini) Hinkley (7-11-99)
Died of medical malpractice in Chicago, Ill. Sadly missed by her sisters, Jeanie and Bette Hinkley.
--James Lahti (9/1/68)
Killed in Vietnam
--Cliff Legg (2005)
Cliff passed away from complications during surgery.
--Don Mott (1996)
Died in Colorado
--Mike Sidor (2/23/69)
Killed while serving in Vietnam. He's sadly missed.
--David Wedhorn (2/7/68)
Killed in Vietnam

--Don Adams (2003)
--Kent Buffmyer (1967)
Killed in car accident along with Pat Ford, Craig Crawford and a fourth student I didn't know.
--Kenneth Campbell (March 2003)
Ken was the Building Official for Commerce Township when he was killed in a plane crash in Northern Michigan in 2003.
--Robin Cary(sp?) (?)
--George Copenhaver (2012)
He was a vet and he was a retired Police Officer and he will be missed...
--Craig Crawford (1967)
Killed in car accident along with Pat Ford, Kent Buffmyer and a fourth student I don't remember.
--Chuck Felts (2012)
From cancer
--Pat Ford (1967)
--John Gargalino (9-9-06)
Another loss to cancer
--Arthur (Terry) Grissom (1972)
Died in car accident on Milford Road February 14, 1972. Married to Jeanne Grun. Sadly missed by sister Sue
--Robert Kirby (May 17, 1994)
Died of lung cancer at the age of 45. Father of 5
--Butch Liss (1987)
--Jennifer Mengyan (1987/88)
Died of breast cancer at the age of 38; way to young to lose a friend. Please, ladies, get your mammograms on a regular basis.
--Shirley Nickerson-Beagle
--Jim Rathka (2003 (approx))
--Chuck Schult (2002?)
Chuck was good people. He passed in Pontiac, MI...
--Pete Smith (2009)
--John (Johnny) Stewart (May 5, 1969)
U.S. Army, killed in action in South Vietnam at age 19...
--Dave Thompson
--Margaret Williams (Jan. 25, 2012)
Margaret (Jane) you will be missed very much, you were just like a sister to me. We grew up together and started and finished school together. I love you Jim Harter
--Lester Yakomovich (2010)

--Charles Beckham (Dec. 31, 2011)
--John Bliss
--Ray Carey (Feb 1st, 2010)
--Daryl Combs
--Gary Connelly
--Larry Copenhaver (2002)
He was fun...and will be missed
--Douglas Cox
--Marie Curtis
--Cynthia Davis (Feb 25, 2013)
Cindy passed after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
--Mark Dienes
--Barbara Dudley
--Lee Eggericks
--John Fisher (1999)
John became a social worker. He cared about everyone.He is so missed by his family and friends.
--Bernadette Generous
--James 'Pat' Gibby (2008)
Pat was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and lost his battle in 2008.
--Dave Gilbert (August 1, 2001)
Former lead singer of The Rockets. Dave died of liver cancer at age 49...
--Paula Hargraves
--Nancy Harris
--Gary Hartman
--Marcella Hatfield
--Dennis Hile (Jan. 2013)
--Mike Ike
--Diane Kniseley (1997)
Diane was a lot of fun growing up and hanging out with her in our younger years.
--Art Lambiris
--Dennis Mahle (2003)
Died in San Francisco.
--Bonnie Maki
--Jim Marantette
--James Monroe
--Jeffrey Morris (2012)
Jeff passed suddenly while bowling in Chicago.
--Jeff Morris (2012)
--John Naldoni
--Charles R. O'Brien
--Charles Olson (1987)
--Kurt Oswald (August 2006)
Kurt passed away suddenly at home in Baumholder Germany from complications of a bleeding ulcer.
--Mike Pace
--Daniel Parvu
--Kathleen S. Pelto
--Anne Persson (2012)
--Marilyn Phillips (Atkinson) (1997)
--Charleen Ray
--Gus Robinson (2002?)
Gus passed in one of the Carolinas. Not sure if it was North or South...
--Fletcher Stephens
--Aaron Tolsdorf (August 4, 1999)
Had a beautiful day getting his boat ready for the weekend, went in to take a shower, died of a brain aneurysm. 48 years old!
--Tim L. Watkins
--Timothy / Tim Watkins (April18 ,2008)
Tim enjoyed Music: He was and accomplished guitarist. He will be missed dearly by his family and friends.
--Richard Wells

1968 student
--Larry Copenhaver (2002)
Died of camcer in St Petersburg,Fla

--George Bowers (2001)
George passed from a heart attack, leaving behind son Shawn, daughter Becky, granddaughter Hailey, and sadly 2 granddaughters Alora and Linnea whom he never got to meet.
--Ray Eglinton (April 28, 2009)
--Sandy Greening (6/2001)
Died of Breast Cancer. Wife of Jim Thompson (1969) Mother of Jimmer and Jeni. Grandmother of Ian, Tyke, Gus. My very best friend in the world, I miss her everyday. My boating and swimming buddy, Sandy Koski 1969. We'll see you in heaven San, love ya, the other San.
--Anne Hayworth (May 2008)
Complications of emphzemia
--Shirley Nickerson-Beagle
--David Provins (April 1992)
I Miss him every day. April (Sister)
--Tom Reimer
--Tom Schulte (1990)
--Paula West (September 2007)
Lost a lifelong battle with mental heath issues.

--Rick Baker (2007)
Rick was considered one of the best wreslter ever at Walled lake. He held the National Record for most pins in one season in 1970. Died 12/26/07 of a heart attack , he was 54
--Dave Gilbert (August 1st, 2001)
David Lee Gilbert of Union Lake was the former lead singer of the rock band, The Rockets.
--Margaret Parvu (1999)
died in Florida of breast cancer in August 1999.
--James (Jeep) Potter (5/)
will be missed forever
--Henry Lawrence 'Larry' West (March 3, 2005)
Larry went to Walled Lake Central until 1969. He graduated from WL Western in 1970. Married Cheryl Troutman WLW class of '72 in 1973. Passed away after a prolonged illness.

--Pat Grissom (1997)
Died from esophogeal cancer. Sadly missed by sister Sue;, esp. his daughter, Katrina,... family and friends.

--Dave Krause
Dave and his wife mindy passed at different times. sad.
--Danny Loviska
You will always be remembered and missed.
--James (Jeep) Potter (5/31/2007)
Loved /missed by many and
--John Ratliff (2006)
Had a heart attack while on his lunch hour at work. March 2006
--James donald glass Walled lake centrak (;une 16 1977)
Son of bud and marlene glass. Had a twin jerry brother dean sister sharon and twins sisters vicky and valerie. Was married to marilynn expecting ther first child 3wks to the day he died....His son christopher is his farhers son wish that jim had met his son....We love and miss him everyday...

--Rick Minnick (10/15/74)
--Dennis Plank (3-2008)
A friend i knew all my life. It deeply sadden me as i feel i lost a brother not a friend
--Ray Robinson (4/2013)
--Teri Rulong (4/27/2008)
My dear friend Teri died after a very courageous battle with lung cancer. She was a tough cookie. I will miss her much, our long chats and her great cooking. Ronda
--Tess Schulte (1994)
Dancer, mother, sister, friend, cosmetologist - very much missed
--Carol Ziola (1978)
Carol, a dear friend, was sadly taken by a man's hands, her husband, whom, hopefully will spend the rest of his life in prison. She had 2 beautiful daughters. She is sadly missed by family and friends.

--Greg Angott (June 2000)
--Patricia (Patty) Boddy (1975)
Resting in Commerce Cemetery, Union Lake, MI.
--Jerry Bohez (1997)
--Mike Boyle
Left wife and children. Very, very sad.
--Daniel Burlingame (July, 2005)
--Dennis Cochran (early 1980's)
--Mike Connell
Auto accident on a business trip in Ohio, heavy rain. Left behind his wife and soon to be born daughter.
--Faith Donahoe (1984)
Car accident, Faith left behind a hisband and 2 young children.
--Bill Harmon (2013)
passed in his sleep
--Ricky Hummel (Dec 17, 2010)
I remember ya well Rick. You always were very helpful to me when I tried to make the football team...
--Rick Hummel (17 Dec '10)
Ricky was a star running back for the Vikings varsity football team...
--Ronad Kott (1997)
ron passed away due to cancer
--Janice Lange (2010)
--Rodney Papple (June 6, 2005)
Rodney died of a massive heart attack...
--Craig Phipps
--Albert 'Butch' Richardson (2008)
--Brian Richway (98 or 99)
--Beth Robinson (1973)
Sweetest person, great friend, loving twin sister. Car accident took her short life.
--Eric Rose (Not sure)
Know Eric died, not sure how. Have heard rumors, but would not want to be wrong about cause of death. He was my first real crush in 5th grade - never forget him.
--Tim Rundell
found out he died in a house fire. A good childhood friend
--Jerry Sutton (April 8th, 2012)
Jerry fought a courageous battle with cancer but ended up losing the war. He will be sadly missed...
--Mike Windsor (???)
House fire took Mike's life...

1973 ?
--Ron Kott

--Beth Robinson (1974)

--David Armstrong (?)
--Deborah Bingham (1973)
Debbie was taken away from us too suddenly by the hands of a man that shall spend the rest of his life in prison. She is sadly missed by all.
--Tara Boice (?)
--Joan Capien (may 27 2006)

--Charles 'Chuck' Dunger (1985)
He couldn't stand the pain anymore and took his own life. I still miss & love you Bro. Ellen
--Steven 'Big Steve' Garner (April 1976)
Steve was accidentally shot during a basic training drill at boot camp. He was only one week from becoming a private in the army. Our family has missed him.
--Steve Garner (?)
Big Steve, not little Steve
--Cathi Hall (1-12-08)
Heart Attack
--Mike Imhoff (1996)
Mike Bristol and Mike Imhoff, both murdered in 1996 in Tampa. Both were high school coaches
--Victoria (Vicki) Lush (1978)
Car wreck near Walled Lake, MI...
--Tom McKay (1975)
Tommy died of accidental asphyxiation, in his car, due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Sadly missed and much loved by his family.
--Steve Pawlowche? (?)
--Amber Pohl (?)
--Tommy Rynerson (07/08?)
--Connie Taulbee
--James Towns (February 23, 1992)
Heart attack
--Charley Wright (2011)
Sudden neuro endocrine cancer
--Art Yacabelli (?)

--Gayle Capien (june 2006)
--Sandy Carl (July 2010)
"A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow." Rest in peace, my oldest, dearest friend. Ro
--Ron Gutherie (2007)
--Dennis Hanson
--Christopher Miller (April 3,2009)
Heart attack
--Ron Norita (November 13, 1973)
Hit by a car in front of the Little Brown Jug at 17 years old. Dearly missed.
--Mike Peace (1974 (i believe))
He was such a great guy and Loved by all who knew him.
--Gary Robinson (2002?)
--Doug Rogers (Aug. 24, 1986)
My first husband. I graduated in the class of 1977; WLC. My kids were in the accident with him, but survived.
--Michael Russell (1998)
heart attack while deer hunting in Northern Michigan
--Sharon Rynerson (2012)
--John Sherman (?)

1975 ?
--Dave Yacobelli (1980 1981 ?)
dave passed from kindey failure

--Rollyn (gene) Darnell (1985)
i really miss him. I LOVE YOU and Miss You wish you were here to see what happen now.
--Kevin Furlong
I lost a great friend with whom i spent many good times with. life is too short so live it to it's fullest. I miss you kevin. Kathy Johnson
--Kevin Francis Furlong Furlong (January 8, 1980)
Lost the best friend I ever had in my life...lost the closest person to my soul....
--Paul Gauthier (dec 1 1976)
after 31 years paul is still greatly missed. Died right after graduating high school. still miss you paul k.d.
--Richard Hofmann (1991)
Rick was loved by so many people as he loved so hard he died of aids we miss him more than words can say I love you rick I think of you every day
--Randy Marantette (January 21, 2005)
--Joseph 'Joe' Misfud (July 18, 1996)
--Maureen Reno (11/11/1978)
She was also known as "Mo". She was such a kind and beautiful person. She left us way to early. She and Denny Ladd both passed away in a car by aphyxiation. Accidental. Maureen left us with a beautiful son, she is still missed.
--David Stempien (Sept. 1998)
David was hit by a car while riding a bicycle.
--John Tedford (5-12-2011)
Died suddenly, leaving behind 3 children and a family who miss him dearly.

--Bill Spears (1990)

--Dan Aldred
--Larry Berger (June 26, ??)
--George Casenheiser
--Judy Coopes (1987 ?)
--Kathleen Furlong (2012)
--Sue Gutherie (2005)
Sue passed away from ALS. She was a loving and fun friend. She is missed
--Richard (Dickie) Maker (??)
--Lynn Monnich (1979)
Murder victim, her boy friend killed her in November 1979, he was from WLC also.
--Terri Page
car accident
--David Rodriguez (Dec. 2008)
--Mark Schultz
--Terry Warren (96/97)
Good friend.
--Bruce Webber (2012)

1977 1978
--John Narducci (2009)
very nice person missed by many friends and family

1977 1978 ?
--Glenn Walker (12/20/05)
Glen Passed In Waterford Mi.Glen Was A Great Person And A Good Friend. R.I.P.

1977 or 1978
--Michael Hoye (1982)
Mike died in a car accident in Colorado.

--William Bernier
--Clayton Edmonds
--Linda Eichler
--Deana Eisenhardt
--Katrinka Elmer
--Billy Geisey

--George Hall
--Nina Johnson
--Nancy Kelly (1980)
Died in a high speed car chase on Union Lake Rd.
--Don Krause (2006)
--James Kuhn (2012)
--Greg Kunze (2010)
--Joyce McCloy
--Michael Piskorski
--Jeff Reno
--Pamela Sanders (2011)
--Johnny Sebold
--Kevin Sherhart
--Jeff Weiland (1984?)
Jeff passed from heart failure (born with congenital heart defect), sometime in the early-mid 80's, but he lived fully in the short time he had!

--David Paul (3-28-2011)
--Herb Riedel (January 2010)
Never hesitant to state an opinion or challenge an idea and always a true friend

--Todd Armstrong (1990)
Died of unknown causes in Peshawar, Pakistan while backpacking through Asia. His favorite quote: "Small wheel turn by the fire and rod, big wheel turn by the grace of God, every time that wheel turn 'round, bound to cover just a little more ground" (The Wheel, The Grateful Dead)
--William (Bill) James (1981)
You left us too young and I never got to tell you that I loved you. I truely wanted to be with you forever.L.
--Hanna Jenson

--Connie Manning

--Jim Owens (1992)
--Shelia Ray (2005 2006)
--Bryan (B.J.) Scott (4/22/2006)
Died from a rare form of cancer. Survived by WIfe, Sally and children Steven & Rachel
--Gerry Sweetman (1977)
--Denise Tolonen (1981)
Denise passed away July 17, 1981 due to an auto accident in Troy.

--Lisa Agrusa (2004)
She was my Sister and best friend, she passed away in her sleep, just went to bed and never woke up. She did not have anything that would of made her die I guess God just needed her up there. She is so very missed everyday by all of her family and 3 boys. Love you Lisa your Big Sis Sandy Agrusa
--John Ball (1980?)
He was a nice guy and a great friend. What a loss.
--Johney Taco Gayton (Early 90s)
Johney Was iN A Car Acident Coming Back From Concert In Detroit. They Wss Rear Ended.Johney Was Paralized From Neck Down.This Happaned Mid 80s.Johney Died In Early 90s.From Injuries From The Acident.Johney Was A Good Friend And Dearly Missed From Everyone In The Old HOOD.R.I.P. Taco.
--Jamie Gullett
--David Hohner (early 90's)
Dave was fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident. He was a good friend, and the Best Man at my wedding. He is missed every day.
--James Ivory (2006)
Jamie Ivory died in Florida on December 13, 2006. His hobbies were photography, enjoying nature, environmental action, and exercise. His kind, gentle spirit will be missed. BTI.
--Deandra Stiles (07-08 ?)
Deandra was a wonderful friend, step sister, and mother. She passed away in her sleep from a seizure. She left behind 8 beautiful children, and a step sister who loved and misses her dearly. Her mom, Dorthy Westlake passed away a year later due to lung cancer and pnuemonia. They will both be forever missed. Sleep with the angels mom and sis. Love, Karen

--Martha Ball/tester (5-31-08)
wonderfull wife and mother,she will be missed
--Stacy Bokar
Family now lives in Mesa, AZ She did die of cervical cancer
--Donna Lynn Cullen (1979)
Donna Lynn Cullen was a beautiful young lady, had so much going for her, was just getting ready to start her freshman year at Walled Lake Central. In the summer just before starting at WLC Donna was at the beach with a friend, when they noticed a man in a truck watching them. They decided to leave and go home, but the man followed behind them in his truck, he then sped up to over 60mph and struck Donna killing her. Donna lives on today due to organ donation, she still sees the world through her eyes and many others have lived better longer lives due to her family's kindness. Donna would have graduated in 1982. I have known her since she was 4 and they had just moved in across the street from us, she came over and introduced herself by telling us her name and age, I will never forget that day nor will I ever forget Donna. My sister to this day is still saying if she hadnt gotten grounded she would have been with them at Cedar Point and may still be with us today. We all love and miss you very much Donna. Sleep with the Angels. Love, Karen and Ruth, your sisters in heart and spirit.
--Susan Ignash (1990)
Susan died after a long fight with ultiple Sclerosis
--Matt Speese (2011)
Matt was a great friend who served his country proudly. Died tragically in 2011 leaving behind many friends and family

1982 ?
--Kenneth Lee Walker (12/25/06)
Keeny Psssed One Year Five Days After His Older Brother Glen Passed.Broken Heart.Keeny Was Good People.

--Regan Goins
--Danny James (10 11 2008)
he had two sons Skylar and Drift and one Daughter Destiny.
--Danny (Daniel) James (October 11,2008)
Danny will is loved and will be missed by many. Danny is survived by his loving and devoted Mother Nora James/Bragg and Her Husband Earle Bragg(His father Danny James Sr who preceded him in death), His brother Michael and Sister n law Ruth, His loving Wife Gidget their three daughters Bethany,Drifter,Skyler, His Uncle Lenny many other family members and friends. GOOD BYE MY FRIEND You truly were an angel sent from God in heaven above. Your shocking death just broke the hearts of everyone you loved. When I found out that you had died. I thought that they were wrong. You were so alive - and then just like that, you were gone. A flame blown out in seconds, Confirming our worst fears - A light that shines no more on earth for which we shed many tears. Prayers are answered everyday. My one for you and your family is the pain goes away. I pray for your wife and children, family and friends. God stand beside them and give them peace and helps their hearts mend. It still is quite a shock to me that you had to die; But no one will forget you, Including I. We all Miss you, Rest In peace my friend~Good bye..
--Lori Pitts (May 10, 2006)
Passed away suddenly. Dearly missed.
--Robert 'Jimmy' Traxler (2/21/2012)
R.I.P. my best friend/brother. You will be foreve missed and loved by many. I love you your little sis Maria

--Steven McElfresh (02/15/2002)
Was killed in a snowmobile accident outside of Kalkaska, MI.

--Kerrie Andree (2007)
Kerrie was a great person with a wonderful voice. I miss you Kerrie Andree. She was a person that loved to sing and made friends easy
--Dawn Beagle (87 or 88?)
Dawn Beagle was a great friend of my and she is well missed as well. She had a rare diease I think I can't remember what she had. We were all lucky that she made it through our graduation. We were all lucky to have spent that time with Dawn before she passed away. We miss you Dawn!!! Sandy
--Christopher Dishon (10/7/2010)
A genuinely nice person. He will be missed.
--Dave Dursi (1985)
Dave died in a car crash that happened in Commerce Twp, Mi there were two other people in the car with him and they both survived the crash. Dave was a very popular guy in our class and he is missed big time.
--Art Lambiris
--Trudy McGeachy (2010)
A beautiful person
--Suzette Roehm (2001)
A wonderful friend who brought so much joy and laughter to all the lives she touched.
--Antonio(Tony Sambrano (2009)
He was a great friend and will be missed.

--James Bell (2010)
--Elaine Calhoun
--Pat Flanigan (1995???)
--Brian Florkowski (1984)
Would have graduated in 1988.
--Brian Jinerson (2/18/13)
Brian lost his battle with lung cancer. He was a great friend & an amazing person and he will be deeply missed.
--Henry Meszar (2005)
Great Friend!
--Derek (derrick) Parvu (1999)
--Kari Strom (3/01/08)
She will be missed.
--Rob Tison (2012)
Died of ALS in Asheville, NC
--Mike Turner (2008)
--Todd Whitelaw (10/08/2009)
Todd moved to Royal Oak in our Junior year and and graduate from Dondero High School
--Michelle Worden (2000)
She is sadly missed every single day

--Keith Newman (1991 ?)
--Jeff Treadway (July 15, 1991)
Jeff was a fun, highly spirited young man, he is missed very much. R.I.P. I may never have another good friend such as he was to me.

--Monica Delano (April 24, 2010)
--Christopher Taylor (2005)
missed dearly

1990 ?
--Albert Roy Hecht (12/31/08)
Roy Died Of Heart Failure. Northen Mi

--Richard Scalf (1999)
In the line of duty :( What a wonderful young man! My brother Mike's BEST friend and my brother too! Rest in Peace and Protect my brother and Dad Please :) xoxox

--Keith Summers (3/7/08)
--Justin Williams (200?)

1992 ?
--Richard [stich] Burke (1998 1999 ?)
stich died from swiming accident in wixmon mi. he made a living as a roofer.had two kids zach and emily.three brothers three sisters.dearly missed by many friends.R.I.P. My Brother.

--Brent Champnella (1994?)
--Mark Durand (1999)
motorcycle accident
--Bradley Hahn (1994)
--Roy (Mike) Newcomb (2002)
My brother, My Hero No words to decribe such a talented, wonderful person. I love u and miss u along with your two beautiful daughters and Mom and Dad and all sisters May u rest in peace until we meet again.

--Robin Shapiro (1991)
Full of life, beautiful girl. Tragic car accident took her life, November 6th, 1991.

1994 or 1995
--Richard Burke (1998 or 1999 )
missed very much by family y \ very much missed by family and friends and two kids ]

--Alan Beacom (7/31/1994)
Car Accident
--Jennifer Kahn (1/4/2004)
--Jonathan Perry (6/29/1994)
Jonathan was a kind young man whose gifts to the world are eternally missed - he passed away from a Brain Tumor on June 29, 1994
--Andy Vogt (September 2006)
Unfortunately the class of 1995 lost one of their brightest stars too soon.

--Valerie Thurston Muncy (June 9 2006)
died from a rare lung disease dearly missed by all
--Fletcher Stephens

--Justin Byers (2009)

--Bryson Salem (2012)
Bryson was an amazing student who is highly missed

--Doug Wilson (4-15-09)
Good brother, best friend. Love you.

--Jim Stewart (early 90's)
Snowmobile accident.

--Dennis Sherhart (1978)
Car accident.

Class of 1968
--Timothy Watkins (April 18,2008)
Timothy was a accomplished guitarist.He used to laugh he would play for weddings or divorces if the pay was right. He loved his music his family and his friends. He should have been and comedian he could make you laugh til you cryed.. Tim will be missed by all...

Class of 1978
--Clayton Edmonds (@ Thanksgiving 2009)
Clayton was gifted artist, musician, problem solver, dad to Ian and Ivy, husband to Michelle (Northey) and brother to Kevin, Dawn, Darren, Shelynn and Julie. He died suddenly from an embolism. He is missed dearly by all who knew him. He lives with Jesus now in paradise as he was promised when he accepted Christ as his Savior.

Coach & Teacher
--Harry Edgington (February 7, 2011)
EDGINGTON Harry Box 5/1/1931 - 2/7/2011 Harry B. Edgington, of Commerce Township, MI, was born on May 1, 1931 in Cincinnati, Ohio to Maurice and Minnie (nee: Pumpelly) Edgington and died peacefully February 7, 2011 at age 79 in the loving care of his family at home. Beloved husband of 59 years to Barbara. Loving father of Bryer (Mark) Asoklis and John. Loving grandfather of Max, Austin and Samuel. Dear brother of Maurice Edgington and the late Patricia Vogel. Harry is also survived by many cousins, nieces, nephews and loving friends. Harry was an all-city football player at Toledo DeVilbiss High School. He earned a football scholarship to Ohio State University playing for the legendary Woody Hayes. Harry served in the U.S. Army and was a teacher and coach at Walled Lake Central High School. He was an active member of the Walled Lake School Employees Federal Credit Union, Multi Lakes Conservation Association and Commerce United Methodist Church. Harry loved spending time at the family cabin in northern Michigan. A memorial service will be held Monday, February 14 at the Commerce United Methodist Church (1155 N. Commerce Rd.) at 11 a.m. Friends may visit at the church Sunday 2 p.m. to 8 p.m., and Monday 10 a.m. until the time of service. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the church, Legacy Scholarship Fund, Seasons Hospice or the Michigan Humane Society. Arrangements entrusted to Lynch & Sons Funeral Home, Walled Lake, MI...

--Sarah Hassell (2003)
Sarah was my best friend. We knew each other for 50 years. She is missed very much by her best friend, Pam

Guidance Counselor
--Joseph Malonis (2011)
RIP Uncle Joe

Music Director
--Helmut Holland-Moritz (May 2010)
Have heard many wonderful comments about him from his former students.

--Joe Malonis (May 2010)
Papa Joe was the best counselor ever. His memory will live on in all our hearts.

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